What did I learn from 100 days of pancakes?

Perseverance and showing up. The two intertwined and most important lessons I learnt from completing 100 days straight of making my own healthy and nutritious pancake recipes from scratch.

In the beginning when I explained the project to people I often had to repeat myself because they didn’t quite get it. Why would I want to make pancakes for 100 days? Was it part of an assignment at uni? How many different ways can you actually make a basic pancake? I had to answer these questions and more and I get it, it is an odd and random thing to do.

It’s easy to say to yourself, your partner or a friend that you plan on going running twice a week, or cutting out sugar for a month, or meditating once a day, but it’s much harder to actually follow through with it.

On many days I did not want to make pancakes. I may have been tired, too busy, uninspired, lacking ingredients, or just fed up with feeling obligated to do something every day.

And yes there is a but…but I did show up, I did make that batch, I did make time for it because I committed to the project and I did feel obligated.

Making a project public means that there are other people watching you and it helped, not just because I was worried what they might think if I didn’t complete it, but because of the wonderful support and encouragement I received, from family, friends and strangers.

On about day 79, I really wanted to quit. I thought I could just delete the social media accounts, take down the website and be done with it. Instead, I just showed up and after a day or so, I got my mojo back and felt really enthusiastic again. Some of my best creations happened on days when I had a little mini tantrum in my head “but I don’t wanna make pancakes, I don’t wanna!”.

And so I persevered through the days when the recipe was crap and I could only manage to get one or two decent pancakes to take a photo of, or when I had to throw out a batch and start again or when they looked good but tasted bad, or when I really nailed it. Every day was a new day and anything could happen.

I also learnt about creativity, where one idea would flow onto another, when I had to come up with something from nothing, or when I tried day after day to perfect a recipe but could never quite get it right (elusive sweet potato pancake I’m taking to you!).

So what could you do with 100 days of making? If you’re thinking about starting a project, head to this article, which is what inspired me. Then create a social media account, or a blog and let the world know what you are going to do for 100 days. If you tag me in it, or email me details of where I can follow along, I will follow you and help you be accountable for sticking to your goal.

Thank you to everyone who has followed along, commented or liked any of my photos, or just asked how it was going. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Hannah xx

P.s. Oh yeah I almost forgot, I also learnt how to make pancakes!