Buckwheat Crepes


Day 16/100

Did you know that there is a basic standard ratio for ingredients to make perfect crepes every single time? I didn’t either until this week when I stumbled upon it and was amazed that I had never heard about it before.

You’ll need digital scales to make this work (I tried on the manual ones and it was a flop because they are not accurate enough).

I like to just use one crepe, then spread out the toppings all over it (berries, fruit, choc sauce etc) and then roll it up like a wrap, tuck in the bottom and eat it with my hands. The best! You could also use it a gluten free wrap for savoury food like chicken and salad. Yum!

They also keep well in the fridge and you can use them the next day.


15 mins total (prep and cooking time), makes about 5 crepes which could serve up to 5 people depending on how you use them


2 parts egg

2 parts liquid

1 part flour


  1. Place a mixing bowl on the scales and ensure it is at ‘0’ weight (use the Tare button)
  2. Then crack two eggs into the bowl and note the weight (in metric, this is usually about 100g for 2 x standard 50g size eggs)
  3. Then take the scales back to ‘0’ then add almond milk or water (or whatever liquid you prefer) into the bowl to the same weight as the eggs (e.g. 100g of water)
  4. Take the scales back to ‘0’ and add half of the egg weight in buckwheat flour (e.g. 50g of flour)
  5. Take the bowl off the scales and whisk the mixture until smooth
  6. Heat a non-stick pan on medium
  7. Then pour the mix in quickly and swirl it around the pan so that it covers almost the whole base
  8. Once it starts to lift at the sides or seems to have cooked through, then turn
  9. Cook for less time on the side and lift the side to check if needed


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