Banana Teff Protein Pancakes


Day 3/100

I love teff! I do, it has such a unique flavour, it’s slightly gritty with a nutty type flavour. I buy it in the grain form and then use the high powered blender to make flour.

These banana teff pancakes are easy to make and can be served warm or cold. They also contain about 21g of protein in one serve, which is a great way to start the day, or to have as an afternoon snack and should provide 1/3 of a day’s protein needs for most people.

Plus they are a great alternative to eggs for breakfast and can be made the night or day before.


15 mins total (prep and cooking time), serves 1


1 banana

2 eggs

1 tablespoon teff flour*

1 teaspoon cacao

1 tablespoon chia


1. Blend banana, eggs, teff and cacao in a blender
2. Pour into a pouring bowl/dish (I use a glass measuring jug)
3. Add chia and stir
4. Pour pikelet size amounts (smaller than your palm) into a non-stick pan* on low to medium heat
5. Turn when bubbles form

Top with your favourite fresh fruit and enjoy!

The combination of banana, kiwi, papaya, pepitas and maple syrup works really well together but any fruit will do.

*Variation options

Teff flour – substitute 1 tbs teff flour with 1 tbs quinoa flour, self-raising flour or desiccated coconut

Cast iron pan – you will need to lightly grease the pan with ghee or butter between each batch


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